The Next Expulsion of the Palestinians: One Step Closer? translated into Arabic by Ghassan Ghosn (PDF file)

"The Next Expulsion of the Palestinians: One Step Closer?" by Ronald Bleier, Middle East Policy (March 2001) is now available in Arabic, translated by Ghassan Ghosn, a Beirut based writer specializing in American affairs. The following is adapted from Mr. Ghosn’s introduction to the article.


The literal translation of the Arabic title is: Is the Next Driving Away of Palestinians Another Step Closer??  --the editor preferred the 'softer' word tarheel instead of Tard, which is used both in the introduction and the text.

Middle East Policy has been published since 1982 by the Middle East Policy Council (MEPC), which was founded a year earlier to expand the scope of public discussion and understanding of issues affecting U.S. Policy in the Middle East.

The Board of Directors has amongst its members a number of former senior officials, academicians, and businessmen, including a former Secretary of Defense (Carlucci), two former Assistant Secretaries of Defense (Armitage and the current President of the board, Freeman), former U.S. Senator George McGovern, and three Arab Americans --Najeeb Halabi, Talat Othman, and Fuad Rihani.

MEP's Editorial Advisory Committee is comprised of seven well known academicians and authors, including Graham Fuller, William Quandt, Ian Lustik, and Shibli Talhami.  The March 2001 issue is in memoriam of a member of the National Advisory Committee, the researcher and author Grace Halsell, who passed away late last year at 77. (I was proud to be amongst her friends.)

The American author of the study on the Palestinians, Ronald Bleier, is the Director of the Demographic, Environmental and Security Issues Project (DESIP), a website. He is a scholar in Middle Eastern affairs and Middle East water issues who has "changed from a committed Zionist to an anti-Zionist" for a number of reasons that had their beginnings with the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian territory after 1967, with Menachem Begin coming to power in 1977 and the brutal invasion of Lebanon (1982)  and the larger question of the Palestinian refugees. He elaborates his political autobiography in an article entitled, “Alone Among My Peers at my Yeshiva University High School Reunion,” published by The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (November 1992). His articles are also available on his website.

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Ghassan Ghosn



The Next Expulsion of the Palestinians: One Step Closer? translated into Arabic by Ghassan Ghosn (PDF file)