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Population Politics : The Choices That Shape Our Future
by Virginia D. Abernethy
Hardcover, 350 pages
Published by Plenum Pub Corp, April 1, 1993

The Case Against Immigration : The Moral, Economic, Social, and Environmental Reasons for Reducing U.S. Immigration Back to Traditional Levels
by Roy Howard Beck
1st ed. Hardcover, 287 pages
Published by W W Norton & Co, June 1, 1996

Re-charting America's future : responses to arguments against stabilizing U.S. population and limiting immigration
by Roy Howard Beck
Published by Social Contract Press

Heaven's Door : Immigration Policy and the American Economy
by George J. Borjas
Published by Princeton University Press, March 26, 2001

How Many Americans? : Population, Immigration and the Environment
by Leon F. Bouvier, Lindsey Grant, B. Ras (Editor)
Published by Sierra Club Books, October 1, 1995

Alien Nation : Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster
by Peter Brimelow
1st Harper Edition Paperback
Published by Harperperennial Library,: May 1, 1996

The Fates of Nations
by Paul A. Colinvaux
Out of Print

Americans No More
by Georgie Anne Geyer
1st Edition Hardcover, 352 pages
Published by Atlantic Monthly Pr, September 1, 1996

An Essay on the Principle of Population (The World's Classics)
by Geoffrey Gilbert (Editor), Thomas Robert Malthus
1 Edition Paperback
Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Trade), December 1, 1993

The Immigration Dilemma: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons
by Garrett Hardin, Scipio Garling
Paperback - 140 pages
Published by Federation for American Immigration Reform, November 1995

The Immigration Invasion
by Wayne Lutton
Published by Social Contract Pr, June 1994

The Pope and the New Apocalypse : The Holy War Against Family Planning
by Stephen D. Mumford
Published October 1986

The Camp of the Saints
by Jean Raspail, Norman R. Shapiro
Published by Social Contract Press, December 1994

The Immigration Mystique : America's False Conscience
by Chilton Williamson
Hardcover - 202 pages
Published by Basic Books, July 1996

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