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Guest Comments

Oliver Mead:
I am a student of politics within the Department of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. I have been researching for an essay on apportioning blame for the famine crisis in Ethiopia in the early 1980s. I think it is fair to say that Malthus was right - what he says makes perfect sense - and I'm usually a sceptic! I am joining the ISM in order to look into his works in general, and to use his conclusions to further develop my own ideas on a wide variety of issues. Thank you for setting up this site so that people such as myself can find out about Malthus and his teachings.

Thomas Patteson:
Another possible name to add to your list of Neo-Malthusians would be Anton Szandor LaVey. Although not an economist by any means, he mentions Malthus by name in his "The Devil's Notebook" (Feral House, 1992) and writes on several topics with ties to Malthus, such as mandatory birth control (which LaVey rightly acknowledges would be a public outrage in most "free" countries), and the threat of peace (in a chapter by the same name). LaVey certainly meets the criterion of controversy, being the founder of the Church of Satan, which, contrary to the implication of its name, is not a headquarters for devil-worshippers but a hedonistic, elitist organization which propounds such politically blasphemous ideas such as social Darwinism and anti-egalitarianism. A frightening figure regarding the world's population growth, with which I am sure you are familiar: it doubled from 3 billion in 1960 to 6 billion in 1999. And it is estimated to double again in an even briefer span. Also I must commend you on an excellent web site. I am joining the Society as an admitted neophyte on Mr. Malthus but with a true interest in his vital and tragically undervalued works. I look forward to my studies of this issue.
Thank you, Thomas Patteson

Helene Grotans:
October 1999
This site by the international society of Malthus is incredible! I have yet to run into another site that takes more of a neutral stance on Malthus. Most sites revere him as a god or criticize him beyond all possibilities. This site gives a straight forward account of Malthus, and his views / solutions of the time that do not necessarily apply in the same way in modern society. This site has helped me out immeasurably with a research paper I am doing and I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly impressed.

I am currently a Music Education major at the University of Arizona and am but a freshman. My research paper is for my English 101 class and I am putting much more time, energy and research into it than I really need. Overpopulation however is one of those concerns that had always been in the back of my head, and has recently become a huge concern of mine. My one promise to society is to never bear children. My boyfriend of several years and I feel there's much more that we could do to contribute to the world than bearing children.
Helene Grotans

Ronald Bleier responded:
Thanks for writing that you find my little essay objective. I don't think anyone can think more highly of Malthus than I do. I feel that his brilliant simplicity has enabled him to provide a window into all of politics and history.

The one place I take issue with him (not counting his backsliding after 1798) is on the issue of poverty. My idea is that once population reaches a critical mass relative to resources, poverty cannot be avoided, certainly not for the long term, say two or three generations, or more.

30 Oct 1999
I have had the internet for four years. In that time I have visited many web pages of high quality as well as many of low quality. I am unhappy to say it but, this " Neo- Malthusian" web site was a terrible waste of my time. It news stories are blatenly biased and it "PREDICTIONS" are nothing more then wishful thinking of people who idealize the mad man Malthus. With regards to people who say Malthus is correct his argument that the earth can not produce enough food is flat out and totally wrong. As we have witnessed the earth can obviously produce enough food, or you or I or anyone else who visits this web page WOULD NOT BE ALIVE TODAY. I hope your "organization" will see fit to post this on your web page.

are you insane or just plain idiotic. The simple fact regarding matlthus is THAT HE WAS WRONG. As we have witnessed humans have the willingness and the ability to provide food shelter and clothing for the worlds population. I also found espicially insulting the part of your website that implied that the united states of america, the greatest country EVER, will slowly rot away into to a fascist state rotten at the core. Many of your tabloid like remarks have now been proven totally wrong, not matter which way you look at it. Do yourself and evryone else a favor and close down your pathetic little Matlthusian website.

I await a reply


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