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October 2006

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(Hard copy publications are indicated by numbered parenthesis.)

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43. WTC-7: the 9/11 Smoking Gun? March 2005. Argues that if Building 7 was by means of controlled demolition, so were the Twin Towers. If the Towers were destroyed by controlled demolition than Osama Bin Laden wasn’t responsible.

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33. Capsule reviews on Amazon.com

a. "An Arab-English Hybrid," review of In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story by Ghada Karmi, December 2002.

b. Brenner Documents Zionism," June 2003. review of 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, by Lenni Brenner

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26. "A Missile Shield: Feat or Folly," Letter, New York Times, August 10, 2001, stresses right-wing ideological motivation which has war fighting rather than U.S. and international security as the highest priority.

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3) "Has Bush Sold Out the Palestinians?" In These Times, September 2-15, 1992, p. 2. Not as dated as the title might indicate. Argues that under pressure of the 1992 election campaign, Bush removed all U.S. strictures against settlement building; and argues that Rabin has no plan to curtail most settlement building.

(2) "A Tale of Two Cemeteries," Lies of Our Times, June 1992, pp. 17-19. Based on a New York Times article on Jewish fundamentalist protest in Germany to point out that a Palestinian cemetery near Tel Aviv was paved over and no notice was taken here.

(1) "Snow and Scuds in Israel," Lies of Our Times, March 1992, pp. 3-4. Argues that the Times is not above dramatizing a few cases of Israeli trauma while ignoring the pain and suffering that most Palestinians suffer in their everyday lives.

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