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Democracy Now Report Card
September 11th Journal
The Lonely Leader: A conversation with the Vice President
  • War Against Iraq: Converging U.S. and Israeli Agendas by Ronald Bleier
    "War Against Iraq" argues that the Bush administrationís war against Iraq is motivated by the twin agendas of supporting Israeli dominance in the Middle East and the Bush administration's agenda for permanent war. Highly placed hawks like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz have for years advocated regime change in Iraq as a way of securing their militaristic program by means of advancing Israelís regional goals.

    The article argues that the war against Iraq is NOT primarily a war for oil because such a war, however misguided and immoral, would have the fundamentally rational goal of securing coveted resources. Rather the war against Iraq is ideologically propelled by a messianic belief in Americaís mission. Similarly this is not a war in the service of imperialism which would otherwise use more circumspect, less aggressive means, but is rather a race toward world war and Armageddon.

    Ronald Bleier, "No Laughing Matter: Simon and Stamberg on NPR"
    Project Ploughshares, a Canadian based peace organization's Armed Conflicts Report 1999
    Includes a listing of ongoing wars, a preface, maps, details, and more.
    The National Defense Council Foundation
    NDCF is a non profit think tank that studies defense and foreign affairs issues. It specializes in the study of low-intensity conflict, the drug war, and energy concerns. The NDCF publishes a list of the world's conflicts listing 65 conflicts in 1999, including a list of the new wars added and the wars deleted for the current year and relevant analysis.
    100 Media links
    International Security Network Virtual Library, ISN
    ISN is an electronic clearinghouse for resources and institutions in the field of security and defense studies, peace and conflict research, and international relations.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census
    International Programs Center
    World Population: 1950 to 2050
    Historical Estimates of World Population
    CIA World Factbook
    Population Organizations and References
    Millennium Institute
    Can the year 2000 become a turning point? The Millennium Institute is building an alliance to make it so. Visit their site for State of the World Indicators, computer simulation tools for finding the path to sustainability, and information about year 2000 and millennium observance plans around the world.
    Gaia Preservation Coalition
    "Members of GPC recognize that centuries ago exponential growth in human activity started Gaian system destabilization. The organizations's Core Purpose is to explore and develop ways of reducing human activity by bringing about orderly negative growth in both population and industrial throughput."
    Committee on the Middle East
    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs