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No Plane Crashes on 9/11 -- Exposing the Illusion ,
by Ronald Bleier and Contributors July 2019.

On the Brink of Armageddon: LBJ, the Six-Day War, and the Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
by Ronald Bleier, January 2019

1924: The Year That Made Hitler Review Essay
by Ronald Bleier, DEC2016

Am I Drinking Enough Water? by Ronald Bleier October 2015

Mercy and Redemption in Henry Roth --
by Ronald Bleier July 2015

From Zionism to Anti-Zionism: A Personal Journey

(1992, 2012)

Hacking the vote

September 2012

Churchill's Chamberlain: The Unnecessary War

January 2011

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On the Brink of Armageddon: LBJ, the Six-Day War, and the Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

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No Plane Crashes on 911
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What is DESIP?

The purpose of DESIP is to emphasize the connection between rising population pressures, environmental degradation and political and violent conflict. DESIP presents a snapshot of the world’s wars and trouble spots in 1996. Some information is updated through its links, through addenda which have given way in the wake of 9/11 to Bill Weinberg’s weekly WW4 Reports, and through information in its FOCUS sections.

DESIP provides information and analysis in its FOCUS sections of the Middle East conflict as well as information on population, security and immigration issues. DESIP also offers, in association with Amazon.com, an opportunity to order relevant books on many of these issues. (Purchasing books on Amazon.com through the DESIP website will help defray some of the costs of maintaining DESIP.) DESIP also hosts the site of the International Society of Malthus.

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Part I
Ongoing Wars
Children as Causalties of War
Part II
Simmering and Trouble Spots
Part III
Military Occupations
Peace Talks
Destructive Dam and River Projects, Destruction of Tropical Rainforests and Other Forests, Transboundary Water Conflicts, Threats to Indigenous Peoples, Human Encroachments on Sensitive Areas, Nuclear Issues, Ozone Layer Depletion, Global Warming, Demographic Report
Addendum #1 -- June, 1996
Includes articles on the Burma gas pipeline, China food and demographic issues, effects of roadbuilding in the Pacific Northwest, US foreign policy vs. Iran, US immigration issues, more.
Addendum #2 -- September, 1996
Includes entries on the Philippines, Clinton and the salvage forest rider-International Paper connection, Middle East issues, information on Mad Cow disease, and more.
Addendum #3 -- September, 1997
includes updates on Algeria and North Korea, press restrictions in Jordan, pressures on indigenous Brazilian peoples, restricted access to abortion in the U.S., world-wide decline of coral reefs, an ozone hole update and more.
Addendum #4 -- April, 1998
Includes updates on the numbers of ongoing wars in 1996, allegations of Algerian government responsibility for massacres; conflicts in Chad, Kenya, and Chiapas; an article on nanotechnology; the possible collapse of the one-child policy in China; immigration issues and more.
Addendum #5 -- May, 2001
Bill Weinberg's WW4 Report monitors the global War on Terrorism
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